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Sim Control Tool II 080629

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2008 at 8:01 AM
Updated: 18th Jul 2008 at 2:43 PM
Category: Mirror
Price: $399


Sim Control Tool is a shortcut tool with which you can control sims more easily. You don't need to look for objects in lot by yourself, the tool will find a suitable object for each command and guide sims to do the ordered action.

For an example, if you click a "eat" command, sims will search for served dish and eat, or find a fridge and cook by themselves.


Need.../Bathroom: Go to bathroom, use toilet, take a shower or bath.
Need.../Sleep: Sleep.
Need.../Fun: Watch TV and so on.
Need.../Eat: Find a already served food, or find a fridge, choose a menu, cook and eat. Food menu will be selected automatically based on selected sim's cooking skill and the food point of available food menus. ex) Sim will choose the most delicious food menu (among the menus he/she can handle) and cook.
Need.../Serve Food: Serve food.
Need.../Social: Find my Easy Phone and call a sim.

Skill.../Skill Name: Find a suitable object to train skill, and practice.
Skill.../Job Related: See which skill is required to promote me, and learn it. ex) Learn body if my sim is an athelete. So with this you don't need to check which skill is required for which job area manually, the object will see by itself
Skill.../Lowest Skill: Learn the lowest skill.
Future Job.../Job Name: Learn skills for a certain job. ex) Learn body if my teenager sim wants to be an athelete in future. So with this you don't need to check which skill is required for which job area manually, the object will check by itself.

Chore.../Clean: Clean house as a maid does.
Chore.../Clean Up All Food: Clean all dishes.
Chore.../Repair: Repair like a handyman.
Chore.../Garden: Work like a gardener.

Chore.../All: Do all three Chore services listed above, plus Manage.../Mail described below.

Manage.../Mail: Check mail and pay bills.
Manage.../Sell Painting: Find easels and sell paintings.
Manage.../Make Drinks: Do a bartender job.
Manage.../Aquarium: Find aquariums and feed fish.
Manage.../Fireplace: Find fireplaces and lit them.

Do Homework: Find homeworks and do it.


Each command requires sims to have a suitable object to process. For an example, to Skill.../Body, there should be excercise machines in lot. To use Need.../Feed, fridges are needed on lot.


1. This isn't a global hack.
2. Will be compatiable with all versions. Tested in TS2 Original, University.



1. Hopefully fixed a food bug. (It wasn't fixed.)
2. I included a global hack to correct a Maxis TV global. (It will not affect TV in anyway, I just added the missed line.)


1. Fixed food bug. (Fixed this time.)
2. Taking readily served food dish will also work in BV and FT.


1. Children will not try to fix broken objects.


1. Children will be guided to bathroom again.
2. Double beds are now supported.
3. Change Model menu added. (about 9 models will be supported)


Several minor fixes.