3 Casual Meshes for Teen Girls

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Uploaded 6th Jun 2008 at 12:56 PM · Updated 7th Sep 2008 at 10:25 AM by Cocomama


These 3 basegame meshes actually have nothing in common except they are all Casual. I prefer to upload my conversion meshes in certain themes, but these are the last ones/loose ends that were on my Female Teen list, and I have so many other ideas and meshes to work on, I thought I better upload them together.
All meshes come with EAmaxistextures categorized as everyday/casual, an UVmap and a modest working fatmorpf. You don't need any stuff- or expansionpacks to use these meshes, just the basegame.

Mesh-Coc-FTdresswraparmFeet is a variation without the top with Feet from basegamemesh "tfbodydresswraparm" and I made it for my American Native girls, it comes with only one EAmaxistexture and an UVmap. You can make the other textures yourselve easily in Bodyshop if you want and paint on slippers or moccasins. I wanted this mesh up in case somebody wants to use it to make clothing for a Cave Teen Girl. The undefined breast/neckline makes it more usefull for other toptextures.

Mesh-Coc-FTdressgothic is a conversion
from basegame mesh "afbodydressgothic" you know the dress, it's the one that Alexandra Goth is wearing. It comes with the two EAmaxistextures and an UVmap.

Mesh-Coc-FTjackethighcollar is the conversion from basegamemesh "afbodyjackethightcollar" wich is a personal favorite. It comes with all 5 EAmaxis textures and an UVmap.

I'd like to thank all the nice people that made the tools and tutorials I used to make these meshes. Do with my creations whatever you feel like, just always keep my work free.

Polygon Counts:
Mesh-Coc-FTdressgothic Poly/facecount=2096 Vertexcount=1350
Mesh-Coc-FTjackethighcollar Poly/facecount=2306 Vertexcount=1607
Mesh-Coc-FTdresswraparmFeet Poly/facecount=2280 Vertexcount=1575

Age: Teen
Gender: Female
Clothing Type: Everyday
Maxis Flags: Age Conversion
Outfit Type: Full Outfit

Tags: #Teen, #Female, #Casual, #Feet, #Dress, #pants, #jacket