The Supper Club Restaurant (A Real Fixer Upper!)

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FERN LAKE (AP) - Not many people remember The Supper Club, a Fern Lake landmark during the first half of the 20th century. The food was great, the music was mellow, and the proximity to the former Fern View Golf Course was a realty dream. Sadly, it closed along with the golf course in 1963 to make way for suburban expansion, and 40 years later the building has never had a resident. Until recently that is.

Teenager Samantha Harte, who ran away from her wealthy origins in March to pursue her life of art, had been using the abandoned restaurant as her home and studio. Police were astonished when they found young Samantha and her faithful dog (smudged by the printer) in the refurbished attic of the building. "It was odd. She had a desk, working television, a full bed and everything tucked into that crawlspace." commented Police Chief Dallas Houston. "It looked a lot like my first college apartment." When asked what an apartment was, Chief Dallas had no comment.

Today Samantha is back with her family, and her parents have built a new art studio for her overlooking the lake. Samantha is quoted to have mentioned "Funny thing is, I kinda miss that attic!"


So, if you weren't laughing at the Apartment Life reference or touched by the story of the teenage runaway, you'll notice this place is quite the fixer upper! The floors are missing, thick grass has sprouted up everywhere, old furniture has been dumped out back, and generally the entire place is in a state of decay. The zip includes two versions of this lot, one is a commercial version your sims can buy to fix this place up, and another is a residential version so you can try out that "teenage runaway" scenario.

And heres a little puzzle for you. If you can correctly decode the name of Samantha's dog, I'll upload the Original Restaurant before all this decay. Heres your clue:


Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: $106,120