Supercute Boots & "Untucked" Jeans - An Adele Mesh Recolour [UPDATE: Fixed Mesh]

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Uploaded: 11th Jun 2008 at 5:09 AM
Updated: 15th Jan 2012 at 7:34 AM - adding link to age conversions
Here are some clunky boots & hawt lil' jeans for your untucked guys. They use an adorable mesh by Adele, as well as her texture. So it's basically 90% Adele's work. I just recoloured them a bit and "untucked" them. The mesh has a cute fat morph, is just 936 polys, and is included. But go check out Adele's site anyway and get the originals too!

July 28, '08 Update: I fixed that pesky seam along the waistline of this mesh. Now it looks great with lighter tops too, yay! Please re-download the file below and replace the original mesh in your Downloads folder (ADELE_mesh_maleBootedPants.package) with this new one (ADELE_mesh_maleBootedPants_fixedWaistline.package).

Known Issue: There is a bit of a visible seam around the sim's waist (about bellybutton height) on this mesh. It's really only noticeable when the pants are paired with light coloured tops. Please look at the yellow shirted sim to see what I mean. I personally don't mind though - the pants are far too cute and the seam too faint for it to interfere with my love of the mesh.

How to use 'em: These pants are meant to be worn with extra long skintight tops, like these, to create the illusion that your sim's shirt is untucked. You can technically pair them with other tops too, but it'll just look silly.

Bottoms (3) - Adult/YA - No EPs Required - pair with "untuckable" tops - Mesh Included

Thanks a million, Adele!!!