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Shiny New "Untucked" Tees & Tanks: 4 Graphic + 12 Solid = ...34?

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Uploaded: 13th Jun 2008 at 5:52 AM
Updated: 29th Aug 2008 at 7:41 PM - editing search parameters
Blame these on Migamoo. She linked to some really cute Threadless tees and I got the sudden urge to sim a few. Which was odd, because I'd had no sudden urge to sim anything in months. But I didn't wanna just stick them on the same old shirts that have been used a zillion times over, so I made these shiny new ones instead! Then I turned them all into tanks too because.... well, why not.

FanseeMath.... or how 4 + 12 = 34:
First, we sim 4 graphic tees from Threadless. Then we make a bonus!Simlish version of the one with writing, for those sims who aren't bilingual. (My own sims are perfectly bilingual see, and the few who aren't don't mind a foreign language on their clothes... though the Simlish version does look mighty cute. But I digress...) Then we crank out a dozen solid tees for good measure, and multiply all that by 2 when we make tanktop versions of everything. Got it? Good.

Wear them with....
"Untucked" Pants! You can technically pair these tops with any pants, but they'll only look untucked when paired with special pants designed to create an untucked illusion. With other pants they'll just look... tucked.

99.6% Seamless!
I'm proud to boast these are the most seamless tops I've ever made. But it was oddly tough to get a screenshot of that. So please forgive the gratuitous boy-hugging in that one pic and just focus on the amazing seamless qualities of their shirts. Or not. Ya know, whatever you prefer.

Well I had to name 'em something.... to differentiate from all my old tops if nothing else. "Smug" just sprang to mind. And after checking the official definition, it seemed to fit. Aside from that, all the files are very clearly named so you can easily delete the ones you don't want.

Tops - Adult/YA - Maxis Mesh (ie. no mesh needed) - No EPs Required - pair with "untucked" pants

Special Thanks To:
SIMale for the Simlish font, and Migamoo for the inspiration. :lovestruc