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Collection of brown walls inspired by Behr Paint

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Uploaded: 13th Jun 2008 at 11:25 PM

Pecan Sandies and Toffee Crunch

This is my third set of Behr inspired walls. I have a couple more collections in the works, and I will continue making them as long as people still download. I used actual paint chips and photos of moulding to make the following walls. You can buy the colors from Behr. The names are the actual Behr paint names. Why have close when you can have exact, right?

If you're just interested in one color, you can just download that color package. In that package, you will recieve 3 walls, one with crown moulding and baseboard, one with just a baseboard, and one that's just paint.


If you're interested in the whole collection, the first download is the entire collection, a total of 15 walls.

Belgium Sweet

Enjoy and watch out for more color collections! =)