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nalin) Skinny mesh for teen male

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Uploaded: 20th Jun 2008 at 12:20 PM

Hi, this is Skinny mesh for Teen Male.
You know, there are not so many mesh of teen than that of adult.
So I made it I always wanted.

It is my first new mesh, so I'm worried a little...
If you discover any problem of this mesh, please let me know.

I hope you like it. :D


I attached two meshes below.
The difference between two is only a sleeve.


* layerd jacket *
Everyday, Sportswear

* vintage layerd T *
(two files ; chain, no chain)
Everyday, Sportswear

* starjeans hoodie *
Everyday, Sportswear

- Retextures/Alphaedit is allowed.
- You can include my meshes in your new skinpack or zip files.
- If you use these meshes, please link this post or here
- Don't reupload.

Thank you.

Polygon Counts:
- Faces=2126 / Vertices=1521
- Faces=2234 / Vertices=1657