-Open Coals Rotisserie Spit- For Cavemen and Campers Alike!

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Uploaded: 21st Jun 2008 at 7:53 AM
Updated: 3rd Aug 2008 at 1:13 AM
Update: It was reported that this wasn't BaseGame compatible. I've recloned it and rebuilt it, but as my CD drive is borked atm, I can't use my AnyGame to test it in that game environment. The new version will overwrite the old and does work for all EPs, but somebody test it out in BG and let me know. I'm 98% confident that I fixed it correctly though. Thanks! - Aug. 2, 2008

I really suck at planning ahead. Like really. Yet another challenge entry right around the deadline. This time my problem was (once again) what should I make? Well, I looked around and tried to figure out exactly what was missing for your Neanderthals to make a good life for themselves and I couldn't find a decent stove or grill that suited them. So I made one. I took the ugly boxy community grill and tossed the coals on the ground and borrowed a couple of Fido's fetch sticks and built myself a little open coals spit grill. You can make hamburgers and hot dogs on it. If you have custom foods that you can cook on a grill (a Hunk o' Flesh perhaps?) you can cook it on this too.

This cute little grill is also useful OUTSIDE the theme! Campers enjoy the roughing-it feeling it provides and every little Sim Scout out there is bound to have to set one of these up to earn their Merit Badges!

My First Time: Not learning how to do something new on the Challenge Theme...

Previous Knowledge: Basic Milkshape skillz.

Compatibility: Anybody and Everybody

Polygon Counts:
FaceCount: 587
VertexCount: 493

Custom Content by Me:
- Open Coals Rotisserie Spit

Nitty-gritty: Please don’t upload any of my creations anywhere, they are my toys to share, but I want to be the one to share them. If you use my grill in a lot you upload, please link back to me instead of including it. Thanks for respecting my work! You can, however, recolor it and upload those recolors here at MTS2 without asking for my permission. Not sure why you'd want to, but go for it if you want too!


Additional Credits:
#Create, I think I asked for help or advice or something from them in there on this one. I dunno, I'm having trouble differentiating the days from each other, let alone conversations at this point...

All the CC in the pictures can be found on MTS2, I've used a combination of other contest entries (Create a Cave is wonderful!) and downloads from the Simstone's Project. If you are looking for something I used, cruise around a bit on the site, there are lots of hidden (older) goodies available! The Neanderthals themselves I created after some research on the facial structure.