*Picky Fix* Remapped Burglar Boots Now With Trenchcoat Boots Too!

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Uploaded: 5th Jul 2008 at 6:31 PM
Updated: 16th Mar 2009 at 3:37 PM - Added extra file
Teen and adult trechcoat boots have now also been fixed. Please download the MM_mTrenchcoatBootMappingFix .zip for those.

This download I offer today is to fix something which many will probably find trivial and never bother about. I however DO bother about it and thought there might be others like me out there. Hey, there have been with my past picky fixes.

This download is a set of replacement meshes for the burglar outfit with altered UV mapping on the boots. I haven't altered the shape of the meshes in any way what so ever. All I have done is moved the UV mapping on the feet a bit because of this:

It bugged the heck out of me when a Sim of mine who had just been promoted to Mime (Entertainment career from FreeTime) went to work wearing an outfit with faulty boot highlights.

This is how the boots will look after you install my download:

Its not perfect but no longer stands out as being wrong! Who gets this close to feet in normal gameplay anyway?

It should override all instances of the burglar outfit for adults and elders of both genders whether worn by a Sim working as a Mime or by the actual burglars. If it causes any problems in your game then let me know in the feedback comments below.

Don't upload this file to any other site!

Random Fact: For anybody who is interested, I orignally tried to fix this issue by correcting and replacing all of the required textures but that didn't work out as SimPE compressed them too much which made them all blurry. This fix only occurred to me over a week later.

Additional Credits: SimPE