"Ravishing Reptiles" Wallpaper - Luxurious Resorts Part Four of "Africa

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Uploaded 7th Jul 2008 at 9:38 PM

This is the second grouping in what will be my Luxurious Resorts Series.
This is the fourth part of the "Africa/Jungle" set.

This is one of my favorite animal prints collection!

"Complicated Caiman" is a rich chocolate 'gator skin with matching crown molding and Napoleonic Bee motif. "Garish Gharial" is a more reddish-brown 'gator skin with matching crown molding with a wheat motif. "Blase Boa" and "Complicated Copperhead" are snakeskin patterns with matching wheat motif crown molding.

Additional Credits:
Chocolate Bedroom by 11 dots

Potted Plant by Avenida

"Aloa Shades" by Mango Sims

Rug by Echo

Floor by me.