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Modern Concert Hall

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2008 at 2:37 AM
Updated: 16th Jul 2008 at 5:27 AM
This is a modern style concert hall with five levels of seating, and towering 4-story mirrored lobby.
The bottom level has a small lounge just below the lobby as well as the floor level of the concert hall.

The lobby actually starts on the second floor and is open to the 4 floors above it with balconies overlooking at each level of the hall, and is adorned with fountains, waterfalls, mirrors, and glass ceilings.

The hall has 5 tiered levels of seating, a large stage, and a massive pipe organ filling the back wall.

Most of the custom content is made by myself.
Organ polycounts can be found here: http://modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=286290
The organ can play custom sound with the organsound file there.
There are also additional pieces available.

Included is also a concert grand piano.
It is simply a stretched out mesh of maxis's grand piano with the lid closed.

If you have mirrors enabled, the hall will likely run quite slow as it has many mirrors in the lobby.

Lot Size: 4x5
Lot Price: 600,002

Custom Content by Me:
- 32'
- 32'
- Chimeway & Daughters Celesta
- Trompette En Chamade
- Trompette En Chamade
- Agan Chimes
- Bosenklavier Model B
- Facade-Out-Of-A-Box
- The Principle Prinzipal
- Facade-In-A-Box
- "The Wave" Of Sound
- Organ Floor
- The Mitered Touch
- Ornate Wooden Crowning
- Wurspitzler 389Z Organ Console
- Bombarde! (Boxed Version)
- Bombarde!
- Bombarde! (Boxed Version)
- Bombarde!
- That's Even Sweller Swell Box
- Jumbo Turret Of Pestige
- Disgraceful Turret Of Shame
- Mediocre Turret Of Mediocrity
- Organ Wall
- 16'
- 16'

Custom Content Included:
- Poinsettas by Maxis/EA Games
- Classical Contrabass by Atavera
- Legno's Modern Chandelier by joesemsims
- The Poetic Porpoise Topiary by Maxis/EA Games
- Classical Contrabass by Numenor
- 2-Story Waterfall by Tiggy027

Additional Credits: