Maxis Faces with Louis Blush as Facial Defaults -- DE-BROWED VERSION ADDED

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Uploaded 8th Jul 2008 at 2:34 PM · Updated 20th Jul 2008 at 6:21 AM by samantha45455 : Added debrowed version

EDIT: I added a debrowed verion to the post.

I loved kiki's Phasmaxian skintones. However, the effect was too subtle for me. Plus, I didn't want duplicates. So what I did now was combined the Louis blush, put some nose shadowing, and replaced the Maxis teeth with Merco's (with permission)...Also, the Plantsim's eyes came from this eye set (included in the default).

It is a facial default replacement. Meaning, it only has the facial textures, so file size is smaller than a full default set. However, you must retain the Maxis skintones...

The texture used for the blush is by Louis @ Simcribbling (link to MTS2 page) , but the site is down. Nose texture is from this set. Teeth are from here

NOTE: You need University to be able to use the zombie texture, and Seasons to use the plantsim textures. However, you may remove the unecessary files with SimPE if you don't have the required EPs

Additional Credits:
simsbaby for Brandi's hair.
icnitos for the Plantsim's eyes.
Hairfish for the teeth used in the default (and for the permission to use them)
Louis for the blush used as the "base"
dachshundsr4me @ InSIM for the nose blush used