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Two packs of silk beddings [UPDATED July 26, 2008]

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Uploaded 12th Jul 2008 at 6:15 PM · Updated 21st Nov 2008 at 1:02 AM by whitesiren

[UPDATED July 26, 2008]
In short: Double beds 'explode' with silk beddings for some people. If they do explode for you - delete the package you downloaded earlier, and get its NOSHINE version instead.

Mode details:
Several people reported that double beds 'explode' (like in picture provided by thegreenlollypop) if any of silk beddings are used and sim gets into bed. Thanks to mdbickley who was willing to test more, the culprit is found - the envcube/shinyness presence. So, I added shineless versions which differ from 'full' ones only by envcube absence. I still don't understand why the explosion happens, though

Note that 'full' and NOSHINE versions share the same instances, so they'll override each other - so it's pointless to have both RCLR_Jasana_bedding_plainsilk and RCLR_Jasana_bedding_plainsilk_NOSHINE, same with lacysilk pair. So if you are getting the other version, don't forget to remove previous package!

Just wanted to play a bit (to rest from RL and more complex projects), and felt that I need more new beddings :o So, here are two packs of beddings, one plain and one patterned, to add more variety to our sims' bedrooms.

These are recolors of default Maxis bedding, from Colonial Ironwood Bed - so they'll be used by any bed that shares bedding recolors with it.

It's well known that bump maps don't work for bedding, but how about the other options? I've toyed with them a bit, so here's what we got:
1) silky beddings - reflection (envcube) maps can be added to beddings; so these do have a bit of silky shine
2) fancy edges - alpha-cutting appears to work for beddings, too; so plain blankets just have a lot of folds/wrinkles, and patterned blankets has lace edges
3) monotonous recoloring via stdMatDiffCoef - thanks plasticbox for reminding about it - in each pack, beddings share the same (grey) TXTR, and color is added in TXMTs - saves a lot of space; for each pack, the following colors are available (in the order as they are on screenshots from left to right, named as their respective colors are named in color table):
- turquoise
- plum
- royal blue
- lemon
- pink
- ivory
- maroon
- lavender
- gold
- black
- light sky blue

One disadvantage is that I stored all colors of each pack in that pack's package, so two packages total (to avoid situations when people get just color without texture). So, if you don't want all the 11 colors, please help yourself - using SimPE - simply open the package, and delete MMAT and TXMT which name includes color that you don't want. If you want to have different colors - stdMatDiffCoef is the property you need to change. Is more detailed explanation for this part needed?

Feel free to create more "recolors", but don't post them as donation or pay items, and don't forget to credit me
You may use these in your sims/houses, and include them to upload, if they are posted as free items.
Please don't upload my stuff to Exchange.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Akulina for the screenshots.

Style: Contemporary Fantasy
Room: Bedroom
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #bedding silk