Newbie Road 135-146 -- Twelve Budget Starters

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Uploaded: 25th Jul 2008 at 1:23 AM
Updated: 3rd Sep 2009 at 5:53 PM
All of these lots require Seasons.


Twelve super-cheap, super-tiny starters that cost between 6.000§ and 12.000§. All of them sleep at least two sims (sometimes more) and come with the usual basic equipment, except for fire/burglar alarms (only the less dirt cheap ones have those).

Lot sizes are between 1x1 and 2x2, some lots have room for a driveway, all but one have a garden (or rather, some empty space that can be turned into one). Most of them have *some* sort of minimal landscaping already, but with less than half of the normal budget please don't expect very much.

They're all very sparsely furnished, needless to say -- some lots have an extra or two, like a TV or a dresser, but other than that it doesn't go beyond the basics.

The lots are not deprecated -- all of them are unplayed --, so you don't need to fear appliance breakage and you can swap out objects without making a loss.

Minimum equipment:
Included in all lots

- double bed
- fridge, kitchen counter; trash can
- dining table (or kitchen island) and something to sit on
- bookcase
- bathroom with shower or tub; toilet; kitchen sink
- phone; lights in all furnished rooms

None of the kitchens have stoves, but there's room for one in all of them.

Attached here is an all-in-one zip that contains all 12 lots; see the posts below for individual downloads with pics and info.

Newbie Road 135 -- Under 6.000§, 1BR 1BA
Newbie Road 136 -- Under 7.000§, 1BR 1BA
Newbie Road 137 -- Under 7.000§, 2BR 1BA
Newbie Road 138 -- Under 8.000§, 2BR 1BA
Newbie Road 139 -- Under 8.000§, 1BR 1BA
Newbie Road 140 -- Under 9.000§, 1BR 1BA
Newbie Road 141 -- Under 9.000§, 2BR 1BA
Newbie Road 142 -- Under 10.000§, 1BR 1BA
Newbie Road 143 -- Under 10.000§, 2BR 2BA
Newbie Road 144 -- Under 10.000§, 2BR 1BA
Newbie Road 145 -- Under 11.000§, 2BR 2BA
Newbie Road 146 -- Under 12.000§, 2BR 1BA

Custom content:
Craftmeister double bed by myself used in all lots, one or two wallpapers by HolySimoly in most of them.

Not included:
The roof recolours on some of the screenshots are by Neveah223 @ ESB, from this thread.

All lots except the 2x2 one are built on aelflaed's Sunnyside Mini Lots. Thank you!