Vacation Souvenirs Buyable Everywhere (Including Fix for Missing OFB functions)

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Uploaded: 5th Aug 2008 at 2:34 AM
Updated: 24th Jul 2011 at 8:07 AM

This mod removes the neighborhood check for all 3 kinds of vacation souvenirs. Sims can buy souvenirs everywhere, not just in appropriate vacation sub'hood. No more "out of these imported items" message when Sims are trying to buy souvenirs at the community lots located in non-vacation 'hoods.

In addition, this mod makes souvenir racks fully usable in OFB businesses.

Souvenir racks come with full OFB features, complete with half-filled and empty state. (See the screenshot below.) You can set the price, restock, show item to customers. They have capacity of up to 15 items per rack in OFB businesses. (But if playables shop at neighbor's owned business, they can buy only 8 items per rack.)

However, OFB codes of souvenir racks are incomplete. Restockers will ignore understocked racks. Customers will jump out of racks when they pick up an item, and souvenir box will not be created on their hands.

Pescado explained that the missing Restock routine DID exist in unpatched BV, but got removed by subsequent BV patches. Why take away existing features instead of fixing other gazillion bugs?

Originally Posted by J. M. Pescado
Actually, the souvenir racks ORIGINALLY worked, in p0. Either in p1 or p2, EAxis intentionally sabotaged them in an attempt to render them unrestockable, because, apparently, the nuisance of buying them ONE at a time from the original vacation lot when you need them in minimum doses of 5 was not enough.

I complemented the missing OFB codes for 3 souvenir racks. They will be added to Restock routine. Also, the souvenir box will be correctly created on customers' hand, and the proper animation for getting an item from souvenir racks (the same one as jewelry rack) will be called.

Pity that Sims can't set up tourist traps in vacation 'hoods, but at least they can sell ridiculously overpriced imported crapola to hapless townies.


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v1.0: Initial release.

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