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3 New Thai Dinners!

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Uploaded: 13th Aug 2008 at 7:10 PM
Hi everybody!
So I was googling some food images and came across a Thai food restaurant website and it had a picture menu. Soon as I saw those dishes I knew this was my next project. So here I bring you three lovely meals for all you shrimp lovers: Thai-Style Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Prawn, and Tom Yum Kung. Make sure you download the plate file for it is seperate from the others, and the food will not work without it. For the rice and prawn you need the pork chop skills, and the spagetti skills for the soup. Enjoy, link here, and don't forget to press the thank you button!

Thank you all so much for your requests and for being moderate with them! I may not be able to do them all but I definitely appreciate them as well as your feedback! Arigatoo gozaimasu!

Thai-Style Fried Rice
Prep Board (2674)

Meat Prep (888)

Serve (200)

Group (2664)

Food and Plate (824)

Single Plate (680)

Sweet & Sour Prawn
Prep Board (2674)

SinglePlate (280)

Food and Plate (424)

Serve (1200)

Group (2664)

Tom Yum Kung
Single Plate (440)

Food & Plate (584)

Prep Board (1588)

Serve (360)

Tray (1248)

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