Stallwood Place Shops

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Uploaded 20th Aug 2008 at 9:26 PM

Opened in 1983 to foster growth in fledgling Fern Lake, Stallwood has been a successful if not unique shopping strip. It has attracted some more high profile businesses to it though:

The Blue December Diner
A restaurant that started in a Boston College Dorm, now with 30 restaurants statewide and an array of culinary delights. While much smaller than its counterparts, this branch of the chain still has the homely atmosphere you expect with your triple buttered pancakes.

Harvard & Madison
The newest merchant in the strip, Harvard and Madison (or H&M) has garnered much success from local shops like this compared to its Gigantomall Stores, and does a nice enough job of making all the local moms look like sassy European types.

Marathon Market
Has your life gotten so busy you haven't even got food to make that dinner you were rushing to make? Marathon Market's small design and patented "7 Minutes or Less" system makes sure you waste as little time as possible shopping so you can return to your everyday life.

Pretentious Brewmasters
Is it French, or is it Italian? (Maybe its Fritalian.) Prententious Brewmasters only imports the finest coffee beans from someplace in Colombia and only accepts sweater vest and trilby hat clad patrons. Okay, that was a bit facetious, Preten Brews attracts all walks of sim life, just dont be surprised when you catch yourself saying Venty Mocha Caramellichiatocino.

Ellen's Salon and Beauty
Ellen Sands is a self taught hair specialist revered by the elitist PTA moms of Fern Lake. Though she's been offered bigger and better places to do her work, Ellen has been at Stallwood since the Jheri Curl was first cut and rather likes stopping in to the nearby brewhouse to savor a Caramellichiatocino while she tends to her clientele.

Landgrabb seems to think the old plaza isn't worth his time as he tends to the SimCity Parkglen Watergate Galleria Center Mall, so the $200,000 property is available to the highest bidder.


So I finally got back to creating things and thought I'd make a nice shopping center to share. The property needs ALL the expansions and stuff packs (not necessarily because I used something from every pack but more because I don't know if I left anything out.) This lot is also NOT RECOMMENDED as an OFB Owned Business. There are simply too many positions and 8 employees can't pull it off without a store left unattended or two. Your welcome to try but it will probably cause more headaches than anything. Other than that, do enjoy this new shopping center.

Funny thing is, I built this entire lot on super duper high detail, and it ran smoother than it does on lower settings. How does that work?

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 207,277