Harry Potter- Professor Quirinus Quirrell

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2008 at 11:31 PM
Updated: 1st Sep 2008 at 10:24 PM
Today I bring you Proffessor Quirinus Quirrell from the 1st book of Harry Potter. This is how I imagine him in my mind.

The meshes needed are Ren's Turban, Generalzoi's cloak and the Guild Masters Wizard Outfit found under Medieval men in 'The Dark Project'. All of those meshes can be found below!

Custom Content by Me:
- Professor Quirinus Quirrell
- Purple Recolour of Ren's Turbans
- Dark Purple Recolour of generalzoi's cloak
- Recolour of the Guild Masters' Wizard Outfit

Custom Content Included:

- oepu.de ages skin - version 10.1.06 by oepu
- Forehead Puckers by Onah @MTS2 by Onah
- helaene - realistic brows - 3 by http://www.helaene.com/brows.php
Additional Credits:
Thanks to MTS2, Bodyshop, Ren, Generalzoi and the Guild Masters.