New Career - The City Planner

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This is my latest career a request called the city planner. This career has its own GUID and does not overwrite any of the basic game careers. It has been written in base game, is compatible with all expansion packs and comes with ten chance cards (one for every level.)

The following describes all ten levels, the daily wages at those levels, and the hours and days worked at those levels.

1) Student Assistant (125) Tues-Fri 10am-4pm
You have clinched a student position in one of the city’s public utilities that works closely with the city planning commission. Even though you are not given any hard work the repetition of it all does give you a general sense of how the ground level of being a city planner works.
This position is very repetitious and makes being a telemarketer seem exciting. You will have to work on your logic to finish your education. Once you do you should be able to get an internship here to get you started in the right direction.

2) Intern (250) Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
You are about to graduate but had to take the intern position you wanted a bit earlier than you had planned. Apparently this going to be an election year and you had to apply for the position before budget limits could impose a hiring freeze. This would have caused a lapse after you graduated of unemployment and you would have no longer had your foot in the door to position yourself either.
Unfortunately because you are an intern, you have no pull in what you do and are given one of the hardest tasks imaginable; you are put in the supplies and ordering department during a budget crunch. Work on your logic to balance and organize yourself to getting your new responsibilities into a pattern.

3) Office Technician (350) Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
You have become an office technician because you messed up! They gave you a near-impossible task and you still managed to perform it well. Now you find yourself promoted to the oxymoron position of an office technician, which means that you now have more work and responsibility than a supervisor without any of the pull to get things done.
As an office technician you are in-charge of everything in one corner of the office and have to be able to turn on a dime any time new work comes in. You are scrutinized constantly for everything, from the number of mail-outs that you send out, to how you dress, to even if one of the guys in the field manages to get lost. You did not make him get lost but all reflections upon your office group are reflections on you. Work on your logic more because you have to work every day on finding new and creative ways of keeping everyone in your corner of the office on the same page.

4) Staff Analyst (450) Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
You are now a staff analyst which is a low level supervisory position. You have a team of technicians, office workers and interns, who are your workforce to getting projects done. Your job is to simply be given a large task and to coordinate them into getting the task completed. Sure there is a lot of responsibility but everyone underneath you works harder than you do and you still get paid more than them.
Your first task is once that the utility you work for has not had a person for in several years. Your job is to handle the waste products that are produced by the utility you work for. You have been given the dubious task of trying to find ways to reduce the company’s waste products increase their use of recycled products and work with the local jurisdiction to find ways for safe disposal of toxic substances your company produces.
You may want to brush up on your cleaning skills as you work with toxic substances every day and protecting your own personal safety is the best way to learn how to protect everyone else from the substances you are working with.

5) Project Supervisor (500) Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
You have made the transition from staff analyst to project supervisor. No longer will you be spending so much time behind some desk, now you get to go out and actually work with the technicians, contractors and workers in the field. Half your time is still in the office but now you actually get to see the fruits of your contracts as they are being accomplished. You are no longer just working for a city utility but you are in fact now working for the city itself.
Because of your experience with waste management, the city has commissioned you to help them with the new sewer and water systems that will have to be build for a new residential suburb that a developer is planning on building. The fact is despite you being given the commission this only means that you are only in-charge of hiring and supervising the contractor that is actually doing the work.
The suburb will consist of over 1,700 new homes, two parks, a major shopping center and a new set of on ramps so the residents can have access to a freeway that already goes through the planned area. The project is massive but the underground work must be set in place first before the building can begin.
Work on your logic, contacts and creativity, as your work here will increase the land value to the entire surrounding area and enable to city to collect more taxes. By the time you are done this will be the best place to live in the whole county.

6) City Zoning Surveyor (650) Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 8am-6pm
Because of your work background and experience in this contract-project, you have made the transfer from working as one of the city’s supervisors to actually working for the city’s planning committee itself. You are now in the position of a city zoning surveyor and you now have the power to tell the various city supervisors who they can and who they cannot contract with. You are given privileged information with possible legal ramifications and have the power to approve or terminate contracts with the city vendors and contractors.
You now answer directly to the city’s supervisory and zoning committees and work with them to try and keep the city running as smoothly as possible. Tasks that the city can give you as a surveyor, can include anything from the repair of major roads through the city, reducing crime in poorer neighborhoods, the construction of new establishments, to of coarse the establishment of city zones for residential, commercial and industrial use.
Work on your logic and contacts as you are now a very public figure. You are practically a politician, only you have become a public figure by going out and getting your hands dirty, not by joining the pursuit of popularity. Your future in this position can only be won by competence as you are not the popular-guy type.

7) City Zoning Committee Member (900) Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 8am-6pm
You have done well as one of the city’s zoning surveyors and have been appointed to the actual city zoning committee. People try and bribe, intimidate and force their philosophy upon you every day. Good thing this is an appointed position and not elected because the level of corruption at this level is mind-boggling. Despite all of the work and accreditation that it took for you to get here, your hands are truly tied until you get feedback from one of the city zoning surveyors on even the most simplest of decisions.
Your job is basically to deal with the public directly in a forum atmosphere and translate the public wants to the surveyors and the reality of the city budget back to the proposed projects, only to find out that the cost of what people actually want almost never comes back with much returns for the city as a whole.
You were defiantly happier as a city surveyor and your work was much more clearly defined. The simple days of your career are over for now and it is too late to go back to where you were. Work on all of your skills because until you have reached your next promotion your career is going to feel like the plight of fools and, going back down to just a city surveyor is not an option.

8) Chief of City Zoning Committee (1350) Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 8am-6pm
If your fellow committee members only knew how much more you were making for the same job, there would be far stiffer competition to reach for this position. You have been elected to the only elected position upon the city zoning committee (chief.) You get to appoint the rest of the committee from the various city surveyors and they answer to you. Only for you to delegate whatever they give you right back to them.
Basically if it is in the city budget and will serve the community enough to justify the expense, you get to put it to a vote. If for some reason it cannot be justified to be put to a vote, you have to turn it down. If anyone is unhappy with any of your decisions they will have to address it to another committee member because, you have already determined it to be unfeasible.

9) Mayoral Advisor (1850) Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri 9am-5pm
Your time upon the city zoning committee has lapsed and it is about time as you have grown wise and experienced enough to realize that in the long run the committee is limited in the fact that they must adhere to the city’s budget in order to push for progress. Well this is fine in theory and looks very politically correct but, there will never be enough capital acquired by this means to compete with other cities in a world market.
You have to make the city more attractive to the public than what can be attained by the collection of taxes alone. You have to make the city attractive to industry and the business world as the collection of funds from big business is far more lucrative than appealing to the general public can ever be. Thus you have retired from the city’s zoning committee to become a direct advisor to the mayor himself.
The mayor looks to you for ways to expand the city to make it more attractive for big business and to attract jobs to the area. You know the way to attract business to make it so the economy in general leaves the door wide open for businesses to come to your city upon their own.
You know now that even though your position is one of great influence and stature, you will never be able to become the actual mayor of the city. There is way too much accountability in that position and when it comes to strengthening an economy sometimes you must look past the possible liability and take a boosting risk into a project. You also know that you will probably not be able to retain this position if this current mayor does not get reelected. Work on your charisma, creativity and cleaning skills in order to find a way to make yourself a permanent part of the city’s infrastructure without relying too much on positions that could have quickly revolving status due to future elections.

10) City Planner (2400) Mon-Fri 9am-4pm
You think you have found the perfect position for you. With your background as a city surveyor and experience on the city zoning committee, you have found yourself elected to the position of the city planner. You are constantly working with city expansion projects while working with other smaller communities in the county to resolve land disputes.
You took this position because you may be elected but you also do not have to be a public figure. Unlike being on the zoning committee, you are no longer limited to simply working within the already-stated city limits. However, your responsibilities now extend all the way out to the county line. In fact, most of your projects now consist in working with join-efforts with the other smaller communities outside your city. So as long as you are doing a good job, no one wants to replace you. The last city planner ran uncontested in four of the last six reelections he was in. It is not a glamorous job and it is a lot of responsibility but, you would not want it any other way. You now have the ability to mold the entire city into the image you have imagined during many, many committee meetings in order to get to this spot. You finally feel that you have reached the highest pinnacle of success possible for your career.

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