The Lair, Residential and Community

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2008 at 11:18 PM

I started this lot as a community one, but then decided it would be nice for our vampire sims to live in there too, so, I made another one (it's not the same lot, didn't use the changelotzoning cheat) as a residential lot.

Let's start with the residential one:

Lot size: 4x3
Price: 238,832
Furnished as seen on the images

1st floor:
-Living room
-TV room
-Dining room
-Access to the dungeon and the tower. The tower is usable, your sims will be able to go to the topfloor. In the dungeon there's a work shop and a steam room.

2nd floor:
-Stairs to the roof
-2 Bedrooms (one with balcony)
-Master bedroom with bathroom

Important: Don't forget to get Marvine's animations for the spiral stairs HERE

Now, the community lot:

Lot size 4x3
Furnished as seen on images

1st floor:
-Access to the dungeon and the tower. In this lot the tower is only decorative, your sims can go there but there are no stairs. In the dungeon there's a gift shop

2nd floor:
There is no access to the roof in the community lot

Important: If you only download the community lot you don't need to get Marvine's animations for the spiral stairs since there are none in this lot.

Archives: If you want the residential lot download the file. If you want the community lot then download the file

Hope you'll like it. Please hit the thanks button if you do

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: 238,832

Custom Content Included:
- Ancient Guardian Rock Wall by Rebecah
- Birch Tree Shrubby by khakidoo
- Birch Tree Shrubby Recolour 1 by khakidoo
- Birch Tree Shrubby Recolour 2 by khakidoo
- Cypress Based Shrub by khakidoo
- Caveground1 by Komosims
- Caveground3 by Komosims
- SeasideBolder by Cheryl
- aussie beach pebbles 2 by shrekheatherbell at MTS2
- cyclonesue Mossy Stone Wall by cyclonesue
- Boulders by Skye
- maxis texture to match my castle edge  by rebecah
- Birch Tree Shrubby Larger by khakidoo
- Birch Tree Shrubby Larger Recolour 1 by khakidoo
- Medium Cypress Shrub by khakidoo
- Simple Spiral Stairs - Left turn by Marvine