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Chesapeake Oak Wood Flooring

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Uploaded: 21st Sep 2008 at 5:53 PM
Chesapeake Oak Flooring

Ok, so, while hoping to upload a wall/floor set, I determined that wall texturing paint isn't my thing, so, I stuck to flooring. And plus, this floor was liked by a few people in the creator feedback forum.

First off...Umm...I've never uploaded floor...or anything from Home Crafter to this site [except for wallpaper included w/ a house] , so, I don't know how expansion packs I have installed effect this.....So, I ticked it as nothing need, b/c I didn't clone this from any flooring included with expansion packs... and, I only have University currently installed. So, if someone can tell me if this works fine in just base game, I'd be very happy! But, as far as I know....it WILL work in basegame only.

Next, This flooring comes in 3 colors. Original Chesapeake Oak, Orange Recolor, and Dark Brown Recolor. [See Pics Below].

Downloading....I included all three in one package, but, labled the individual files according to what they are....so, you can easily delete what you don't wont.


Well, that's about it! If I ever get the hang of texturing wall paint then I will add some really great wall covering that will look great with these floors!


Additional Credits:
PPL in creator feadback for showing interest.