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Evie St. Vincent from "The Devil in Winter"

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Uploaded: 25th Sep 2008 at 6:03 AM
Updated: 20th Apr 2009 at 5:09 AM - Dress retexture
Name's Ivo Jenner. Won't mean much to you now. I ain't long fer this world. Wasted to 'alf the man I was. Consumption. Terrible way to go.

I'll make no bones--I ain't lived a good life. Started this gaming club in London more 'an a score o' years ago, an' I done things no man should ever do. But I've known sweetness what would make the devil cry, and enough sorrow to make e'en God weep. A man ain't lived if he ain't got regrets to show fer it.

I only have the one...

Leaving behind me girl, Evie.

She's a soft touch, that one. An angel like her ma, God rest her soul. Shy as a church mouse, and quiet as one, too. Probably on account o' that stammer. Little tangle tongue, she is.

But beautiful, too, despite havin' the fool's luck of gettin' my nose. Marked with angel kisses. Eyes like her ma's--big and round like a wax doll's, and just as devastatin' to a man. 'Course, she always keeps 'em downcast, hopin' to blend into the wall.

I know I ain't in God's good graces, but if he'd grant me just one wish, it would be for her to find happiness when I'm gone. Maybe find someone who could love her, devil hair and all.

If there's anyone who deserves it, it's her.


Hi, guys!

Evie is a character in Lisa Kleypas's book "The Devil in Winter". It's an historical romance set in Victorian times--the third in her "Wallflower" series. Although I don't usually play Victorian Sims, there was something about her that I thought would be fun to create. She's the first Sim I've ever made custom content for before, so I hope you like her!

Find the recolors of her gown here!

NOTE: I did her skintone by hand in Photoshop, and it works for both genders and all ages, though I have not tested it in game with children, toddlers, or babies.

NOTE: Evie's hair is a recolor I've done of MyoS's awesome female hair no. 14. Because SAU is down at the moment, I am including the mesh package in downloads. If the site comes back up, or the creator requests I remove it, I'll take it down then.


NOTE: The dress is a recolor I've done of Sussi's alpha editable ball gown, found here. You'll need the mesh for it to show up in your game. Thanks, Sussi!

Custom Content by Me:
- Evie St. Vincent
- Evieseyes_Gray_SS77_MTS2
- Evie's Lips by sweetswami77 @ MTS2
- Evie's Skin by sweetswami77 @ MTS2
- MyoS Hair 14 Recolor by sweetswami77
- Sussi gown recolor by sweetswami77

Custom Content Included:
- helaene - eva brows - dark brown by By Helaene

Additional Credits:
Thanks to everyone on the creators' forums--especially Publicsim99 and Morphead--for helping me perfect Evie! Your help on this (and every other project) has been invaluable.

Thanks to Lisa Kleypas for writing the book that inspired me to bring one of her characters to life...sort of.

Huge thanks to Adele for the awesome Victorian furniture, Macarossi for the beautiful plants and Victorian build objects, and Loverat for the sweet recolor of the Sims In Paris painting. Love it all!

And to my husband, who puts up with me when I'm in a creative funk. Love you, sweetie!