7 Comfy Undies For Females.

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Uploaded: 26th Sep 2008 at 9:29 PM
I intitally made these for my selfsim, as this is the kind of thing I wear. But I thought someone else might use them aswell.

It's a collection of 7 Comfy underwear's. One for everyday of the week.

The pink set is not pictured above as I was using one Model twice.

It's basically just an edit of the frumpy 'granny' pants that came with the base game, but I've changed the alpha for the panties, so they don't sit really high on the waist. I've also brightened up the bra so it's 'proper' white not a dingy gray from over washing.
They all come with the white bra and a different coloured pant.

These will be good for any sim that doesn't conform to the whole matching set thing.

All files are named according to colour incase you want specific ones.

Anyway I hope these will be of good use for some people .

Additional Credits:
Skintones on models: Louis #7 Edit by Nihilin .
Hair on models: Maxis, HystericalParoxysm, Nouk .
Brows on models: Maxis,
Heleane , Zoej .
Eyes on models: Kiki's Phasmatic eyes and 1 recolour by me.
Makeup on models: Bruno .

Walls&Floor: Me.
Models: Me.