5 Comfycoat Outerwear For Females

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Uploaded: 26th Sep 2008 at 9:30 PM
Here's a set of 5 Outerwear for your simmies. I started of making the pink one for my selfsim, but got carried away and made a few other colours.

I got rid of the ribbed effect at the bottom of the coat 'cause I really didn't like it. I've also made my own boot texture, which I'm quite pleased with. I changed the high-necked jumper to a cute zip up cardigan (this is what I wear under my coat normally).
A few come with dark jeans and a few have a lighter colour jean (Maxis texture).
Also on the white one I changed the gloves to brown as I felt there was too much white.

All files are named according to colour incase you want specific colours.

Enjoy .

Additional Credits:
Skintones on models: Louis #7 Edit by Nihilin .
Hair on models: Maxis, HystericalParoxysm, Nouk .
Brows on models: Maxis,
Heleane , Zoej .
Eyes on models: Kiki's Phasmatic eyes and 1 recolour by me.
Makeup on models: Bruno .

Walls&Floor: Me.
Models: Me.