'SEED OF CHUCKY' Family *Happy Halloween!*

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Uploaded: 21st Oct 2008 at 1:40 AM
Updated: 11th Jan 2010 at 3:04 PM
The fifth and last installment of the “old-school” Chucky movies(there’s a remake coming soon), and probably the WORST one ever made, “Seed of Chucky” follows the story of the gender-confused doll Glen, and his psychotic killer doll parents, Chucky and Tiffany, as they try to once again turn “real” by transferring their souls into human bodies. I won’t tell much of the story so I don’t spoil it for ‘ya.

Anyway, this project has been in my hard drive for literally months now. I didn’t get the heart to finish it until I read about the upcoming remake. It took me another few months to finish and polish the Sims, and so here they are now. I decided to be a bit more creative this time, so I made this thread picture-intensive, so it might take a while to load. Please wait until it finishes.

I proudly present to you, “Seed of Chucky’s” main characters, Chucky, Tiffany and Glen!

First Sim: CHUCKY (Dad)

Second Sim: TIFFANY (Mom)

Third Sim: GLEN (Son/Daughter)

See the links at the bottom of this page.

Hair: -Sizz- New mesh hair 'Hanui' (Download the file but you only need the mesh)

Hair: -Sizz- New mesh hair 'Hanui' (Download the file but you only need the mesh)
Clothes: Set of 16 unisex outfits for the toddler (Download any of the two files; You only need the mesh)

Hair: PeggyZone Free female hair mesh ID #03703 (site needs free registration)
Clothes: Little Girl's Princess Dress w/Puff Sleeved Converted Mesh - For Toddler Girls (You only need the mesh)
Other Notes
*Please install with Sims2Pack Clean Installer to avoid problems.
*Tiffany’s make-up and eyebrows’(included) creators are listed below.
*All the other custom contents(their hair recolors, faces, clothing recolors, eyes, etc.) are made by me.
*As usual, they DO NOT have any custom skin tones, they are only packaged with MAXIS default skin tones. You might want to put on a skin that matches the mask.
*Please view my policy about my downloads on my profile page:
*I tried SO hard and hunted all around the Internet just to find these matching meshes. So to all the other creators, thank you, thank you, thank you.
*Please click on the ‘Thanks’ button. 

Custom Content by Me:
- Chucky Sim by Big [email protected]
- Tiffany's Eyes by Big [email protected]
- Tiffany's Face by Big [email protected]
- Tiffany's Hair by Big [email protected]
- Tiffany's Clothes by Big [email protected]
- Tiffany Sim by Big [email protected]
- Chucky's Face by Big [email protected]
- Chucky's Eyes by Big [email protected]
- Chucky's Hair by Big [email protected]
- Chucky's Clothes by Big [email protected]
- Glen Sim by Big [email protected]
- Glen's Face by Big [email protected]
- Glen's Eyes by Big [email protected]
- Glen's Hair by Big [email protected]
- Glen's Clothes by Big [email protected]
Custom Content Included:
- Pure Look by icedmango by icedmango
- Lipsicles -Crispy Beard Bits- [email protected] by bruno
- Zoej [brows4] black by Zoej
- Julian's Liner|(c) Jas by Jas
Additional Credits:
*GunMod and his camera hack for the impossible photo shots.
*Peggy for letting me recolor the hair.
*Everyone else for um... everything else.