Draik12's Random Aspiration Generator v2.0

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Uploaded: 7th Nov 2008 at 11:14 PM
Updated: 27th Nov 2013 at 4:26 PM by Nysha
Draik12's Random Aspiration Generator v2.0!
Need a random aspiration for your little simmies?
Trying to start up a legacy but can't find the dice?
Horribly confused as to what your teenage sims will achieve in life?

Then the Random Aspiration Generator is right for you!
Using very magical technology, it chooses one of the six avaliable aspirations for you to apply to your Sim. It also includes a little information about each aspiration when rolled, just in case you've mysteriously forgotten.

After hours of searching for a handy little tool for the legacy challenge, I decided to create the RAC instead of having to rummage through our board games cupboard to find some dice.
There was an problem where it would roll Fortune more than all of the other ones, so I have addressed that issue and now all six aspirations have an equal change of being rolled!

Remember, this is an completely seperate application from The Sims 2, you will need to alt+tab out of the game to start this up. It does not apply an aspiration to your sim, but simply generates one so that you can apply it to your sim for whatever reason you have. Good examples include the Legacy Challenge, where you have to use a die to choose an aspiration, and when your teen sim needs an aspiration, but you have no idea what one to use.

Additional Credits:
Photoshop CS3 and Gimp 2 (For the methods I used to edit the pictures)
Neopets (For the actual pictures)
Gamemaker 7.0 (For the actual .exe)
sims.wikia.com (For additional information about each aspiration)
gamemaker.wikicomplete.info (For telling me about the "choose" code)
Good ol' MS Paint (For all of the text that is throughout the generator)
MS Word (For the rounded box that I used for the buttons)