'Playing all day long' shirts and jeans for your toddlers

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Uploaded 29th Oct 2008 at 10:20 PM · Updated 15th Mar 2009 at 7:11 AM by Taniia

Does anyone even bother to read at least the first line? Here it says that the UV map is only for people who are willing to recolour this mesh, so, unless my mesh is so popular that 100 folks are going to recolour it, then the answer to my question is no.
Downloading a .bmp file won't harm your game, but you should be careful, because some downloads only allow one file or the other, and if you don't read, then you're gonna break your game.

I've added the UV map, If you're not going to RECOLOUR this mesh, then you don't need to download this file: UVmap_only for creators.rar

Hello!! This is the first mesh I upload. I always thought there were too little variety of clothes and I wanted something that'd look like something a real toddler would wear as everyday clothes. Anyways, this is what came out... of course after the tutorials, which I must thank so much!!

Thanks to HystericalParoxysm and Tiggerypum for the excelent tutorials they've written on meshing, recolouring and basically everything, it's all covered :P

I'll soon be uploading more meshes, they're already done! :P

Oh, any likeness to fanseelamb's Hunks in Training is a coincidence hahah I really mean it!

Thanks to fanseelamb and migamoo for being an inspiration!

Recolours: If you're interested in recoloring go ahead! Just PM me and I'll upload the UV Map so that it's easier

Polygon Counts:
Face: 2296
Vertex: 1635