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Ya Big Sillies! - Jumbo Glasses for Your Sims

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Uploaded 5th Nov 2008 at 6:55 PM · Updated 11th Dec 2011 at 8:30 PM by fway : fixed broken link and added missing credit

Your Sim has never had the chance to get silly? Well tell your sims that it's about to get silly when you use these shades. They'll be the hippest thing in town. Have them stand out more with these new glasses, by me fway. Their heads will not only feel smaller, but their brains will be, too. No more party pooping with these!

These glasses were cloned from the aspiration glasses set, but they will never glow! They come in 15 colors each with two tints, darker and clearer.

Lensless version?
- Well, I wasn't intending on doing these, however, if you are mesher, you may use the meshes to make lenseless glasses.
"Where are the stars, hearts and circles!?!!?!?!"
- I wasn't intending on making those either, but you can use this mesh to make shapes to the models if you'd like.
- Feel free to add little stars/flowers/hearts to the edges of the meshes as I haven't gotten to them. Just put the credit where it's due is all I ask.

Known issues
- Sims with face shapes 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, and 25 have foreheads that bleed through the glasses, which means that their foreheads are big enough to explode!
- This mesh does not come with a TXTR file for the lens, although for recoloring the lenses, I'd suggest using this tutorial since it allowed me to edit the colors of the lenses. You just won't be able to make something intricate on the lenses.

-The Clippy Thing
No matter how I've modified the mesh, in every single way, it appears that the glasses clip on through the Sims' hair, except when the sims are bald.

My policy:I ask that you do not redistribute my homes/lots/objects/etc. publicly without permission. You may include my objects/stuff in your lots/on your Sims, but with proper credit (link/name). Go ahead and share my stuff with your friends via e-mail/aim/PM/etc. HOWEVER, they are NOT allowed on paysites, including the free section of TSR. I do not care how proportionally free to pay your site is. 99.9% free does not cut it... 100.00% free does. 100% NO "EXCHANGE", though. Credit is not necessary for taking pictures with my objects/things/etc, although a little exposure is nice once in a while; Feel free to improve my stuff; but if you do choose to improve or change-up my stuff, please tell me, I would love to see what you did! And if you choose to upload it, by all means tell me.

Polygon Counts:

- all have poly counts of 312.

-has a poly count of 252.

These are all very low for glasses in my opinion.

Additional Credits:
Paleoanth for having me remember Frillen's glass floor tutorial, as it allowed me to change the lens color of the glasses.
Everyone who posted in my thread at the Creator Feedback Forum here, and to everyone who suggested their ideas from my posts elsewhere. You know who you are.
HystericalParoxysm for her Kara hair pictured here.
Once again HystericalParoxysm for the wall in the background.
Helaene for the brows.
Louis for the skintone.
Barcelonista for the eyes.
Migamoo for the outfit pictured on the little girl.
dDefinder for reviving Gunmod's Radiance and Lighting Mod.
The Mystical One for their pregnancy default meshes of maxis clothing.
Decorgal, JDMovies, and Aikea for the pose boxes/stuffs.

and a big thanks to

Mininessie for her accessory tutorial. Although I had to take some detours with it, it was very much helpful!
The Creators and Devs of SimPE

Accessory Type: Glasses Sunglasses Misc
Age: Child Teen Young Adult Adult Elder
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Gender: Male Female

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