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Project Kadō - 6 New Contemporary Flower Arrangements

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 9th Nov 2008 at 2:43 PM
Updated: 2nd Jun 2013 at 1:50 AM by HugeLunatic
Hi, everyone, it's probably not the time of much floral variety in nature now (at least here in Central Europe...) but I have some plants for your sims here that don't mind the weather at all. I always wanted to make some bouquets that are not so bland as most of the Maxis Base Game flowers but also not such exuberant brummagem looking rather like food than a decorative plant...
The result are the following 6 arrangements, each one including two vase and two plant colors that can be mixed as you like it (see the image to get an idea of the various alternatives!):

The Orchid is combined with a simple exotic leaf in a metal vase. It's probably the most modern arrangement and should not be matched with other golden acessories if your sims aren't a little decadent.
The Pebbles and Leaf arrangement was inspired by Asian lifestyle but fits many different atmospheres. There's a version with wooden box and without included as recolor.
The Magnolia Branch with its big and fragrant blossoms is minmalist and appealing at the same time.

I combined a great Dahlia flower with some fern leaves and then put all that in an extraordinary design vase (thanks for the texture to www.NOVICA.com!).
The Hippeastrum is a nice plant with big blossoms I put together with some fresh green leaves here into a modern glass vase shaped like a star.
Tropical fauna brought the idea for the Palm Leaf arrangement to my mind. Two leaves are a perfect fit for the pretty colorful blossoms in a simple but very decorative bowl.

I hope that you like them! If this is the case I would rejoice about some comments and Thanks :D

A special Thanks to www.NOVICA.com for the vase texture of the Dahlia!
Credit to Adele at MTS2, reflexsimsforum.com and simsinparis.com for the decoration shown on the photos, to SimPE, Blender and Paint.NET as well as Unfreez

Polygon Counts:
JB Leaves and Blossoms in a Bowl: 435
JB Orchid Arrangement: 548
JB Star Shaped Glass Vase: 542
JB Dahlia and Fern Arrangement: 507
JB Blooming Magnolia Branch: 769 (rather high)
JB Pebble and Leaf Arrangement: 854 (quite high)