New Cardassian Furniture Set

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Uploaded 9th Nov 2008 at 4:34 PM

A new set of furniture for Cardassian bridges. I've also included a deco version of the Cardassian shuttle (you might want to put an invisible fence around it to keep your seems from walking through it) and a Hutet class warp core (a new 3-level warp core) For the shuttle you need OFB, for the standing wall console you need UNI, and everything else is base game.

The LCARS textures I used to create the furniture were created by 3rd Era Bridge Production Team from an original texture by Jose Ralat at okudagrams.com;67847

Polygon Counts:
3x1 Ops-Helm: 201
Captain's Chair: 2402
Duty Chair: 1730
Science Console: 150
Tactical Console: 162
Siting Wall Console: 260
Standing Wall Console: 244
Cardassian Shuttle- Deco: 1276
Hutet Class Warp Core: 1506

Style: Sci-Fi
Room: Living Bedroom Study
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #star trek, #cardassian, #starship, #sci-fi