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Drivable Cars without NL (Game Add-on) *UPD 28nov2008*

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Uploaded: 10th Nov 2008 at 2:57 AM
Updated: 14th Dec 2009 at 10:25 AM - Updated "Cars.package" archive
Game Add-on by Numenor (and Maxis...)

14 DEC 2009 - Updated the "Cars" archive
In order to achieve compatibility with MogHughson's "Decorative Parking Spaces", the Cars.package archive has been updated (thanks MogHughson!). If you use MogHughson's Parking Spaces, please redownload the Cars.package (Note: the updated package works fine even without the Parking Spaces, so you can redownload it anyway...).

28 NOV 2008 - Updated the "Stuff" archive
  • Fixed the Maxis recolours for both the Driveways/Extensions, and for the Garage Door
  • Included the light definition in the garage door (in some games, the light flowing through the door only hit the objects, but not the walls and floor)
  • Included the "fogged" texture needed for the windshields when woohooing.
Please redownload the "Stuff.rar" archive (the other two rar files were not modified).

11 NOV 2008 - Added Nightlife cars + Updated the "Stuff" archive
Please redownload the "Stuff.rar, because I forgot some animations
for the "Smoogo Minima" car. And enjoy the *FIVE* Nightlife cars,
included in the "Cars.rar" archive.

This add-on can be used by people that don't have Nightlife, but have at least ONE expansion pack or stuff pack except University.
In other words, if you have Open For Business or any *newer* EP/SP, then you can use this add-on; it works fine even if you only have one stuff pack, such as Family Fun or Celebration, etc.
Of course, if you already have Nightlife, this add-on is completely useless for you

It allows using custom drivable cars in non-Nightlife games.
As you probably know, Maxis released some months ago a similar add-on, named "Driveway & Garage Set", that lets the player use drivable cars without Nightlife, but it only works with the Maxis cars. Therefore, I've created a special version that allows using custom-made cars, too (but read below!).
Downlaoding the "Cars.rar", you will also get the 5 cars that came with Nightlife (Hatchback, MiniVan, Sedan, PickUp and Sportscar).

  1. It's mandatory to download the "Stuff.rar" and unpack it to your Downloads. It's strongly advised to download and unpack the "Sounds.rar", too (without it, you won't hear any sound with the car animation). Optionally, download and unpack the "Cars.rar", in order to get the 5 Nightlife cars.
  2. Download from our Automotive section (or from any other site ) your favourite cars.
  3. Modify the downloaded cars using this simple procedure (you will need SimPE); look at the following image as a guide:
    • Open the car with SimPE.
    • From the Resource Tree, select "Object Data (OBJD)".
    • Select the Object Data file that appears in the Resource List.
    • Be sure that the "Raw Data" tab is selected.
    • Find the line labeled "0x0040: Valid EP Flags 1" and change the value to 0x0001.
    • COMMIT and SAVE, then close SimPE.
  4. Put the modified car into your Downloads and play at will!

NOTE: of course, the modification of the car is NOT needed, if the creator stated in his thread that the car is already "Compatible with Numenor's 'Drivable Cars Without Nightlife' add-on".

All the resources included in this add-on are by Maxis / EA Games; my job was to understand why the custom cars didn't work with the original "Garage Set" by Maxis; and then to find the needed resources in the game files, extract them and conveniently pack them into the two files attached to this post, providing the needed instruction to modify the custom cars.

Please DON'T REPOST THIS MOD ANYWHERE. People NEED to know where to ask questions and report bugs, and THIS is the only place where they can find help and support.