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DEFAULT REPLACE - Not So Skinny Cowboy Pants for TM, YM/AM, EM

3,294 Downloads 458 Thanks  Thanks 24 Favourited 20,850 Views
Uploaded: 18th Nov 2008 at 2:00 AM
Updated: 14th Jun 2009 at 7:20 AM
update June 14 2009 - updated EM mesh a little in the hips and thighs (bit less full)
update Jan 10 2009 - added brown recolor for teen male

I would rather replace something than hide it, and I don't much care for very
skinny pants, therefore, I bring you default replacements for men's
cowboy pants
for teen, adult, young adult, and elder.
(also available: boys cowboy defaults and womens cowboy defaults)

see before / after comparisons in THUMBNAILS

teen polo by dustfinger
mens longsleeve by fanseelamb
grandpa's untucked shirt by t2suggas

Usage Policy
- You may recolor, it's a default replacement after all (won't break old recolors)
- You may modify these meshes, link for credit would be nice.
- You may upload these meshes with your sims.
- Do NOT upload my stuff or anything derived from it to paysites.

Additional Credits
skin: Idolatry of Flesh by HP (faces changed by me)
eyes: Keen Eyes by Phaenoh
eyebrows: dragonmandy's brows made into defaults by me

Thanks to tutorial writers, HP, and all those who helped me learn to make defaults, thanks to the makers of SimPE and MilkShape, and Maxis for the game and BodyShop.

Polygon Counts:
teen : 960, same as Maxis
adult : 750, same as Maxis
elder : 756, same as Maxis