The Joaquín Herzog Park

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Uploaded: 30th Nov 2008 at 1:42 AM
Updated: 4th Jan 2009 at 10:43 PM
Joaquín Herzog, a well known philanthropist, writer and local activist, wrote in his testament, that his will is to build a place, which will be severing for inhabitants of his beloved town. The park, which is bearing his name, these times is a place of meetings of local artist and residents. They are relaxing in this calm place, full of harmony and serenity. And although it now must rival with the shopping centers, The Joaquín Herzog Park is still winning…

The Joaquín Herzog Park

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 150.000 Simoleans

Custom Content by Me:
- by ulmille for Auer House 
- made by ulmille 
- by ulmille for Clothing Store 
- Aneyos Terrain

Custom Content Included:
- Pedestal Planter by By Macarossi
- Antique wallpaper by 4eversimfantasy
- stucco by 4eversimfantasy
- Antique wall panel by 4eversimfantasy
- exiwall by komosims
- Mini-Pediment in Stucco by By Macarossi
- Kunegunda Floor; by Margierytka
- Fugly Fern by buggybooz
- Giggly Grasses by buggybooz
- Holy Hosta! by buggybooz
- Prosperous Planter 1 large by buggybooz
- Prosperous Planter 1 medium by buggybooz
- Properous Planter 1 small by buggybooz
- Planter no 4 large and low by buggybooz
- Forest Groundfloor by Teko
- Harion Tile; by Reniuszka0
- Autumn Centrepice by By Macarossi
- Prada Floor by komosims
- Antique Wall by 4eversimfantasy
- Grass no.1 by by Margierytka
- Recolour by buggybooz
- Recolour by buggybooz
- Recolour by buggybooz
- Recolour by buggybooz
- Recolour by buggybooz
- Recolour by buggybooz
- Recolour by buggybooz
- Recolour by buggybooz
- recolour by buggybooz
- 4esfgrass by 4ESF

Additional Credits:
You have to download the Contempo Park Globe Lights by by Chrissy6930, cause the are not included

I recommend to instal all the lots using Sims2Pack Clean Installer. You can download this program at MTS