2 More H&M Conversions for Elders

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Uploaded: 7th Dec 2008 at 5:17 AM
Updated: 21st Mar 2009 at 9:19 AM
Here are two more H&M conversions for your grannies.
The striped 50s dress and the outfit with the shortsleeved rollneck sweater. Every Outfit comes in the original colours and a few additional ones. The extra colours are in separate files, but the mesh is only in the first "normal" file!

Here´s the first outfit, the dress:

original colours:

my colours:

The outfit is bumpmapped and has a working fat morph. i ´haven´t made the breasts so saggy because that´s a dress, you know... no idea how to say in english... however there´s some kind of special bra in it. (i hope the pics aren´t too dark)

Here´s the other outfit:

original colours:
(except the green one, it´s also an additional one)

my colours:

This oufit is also bumpmapped and has a fat morph. I´ve made the legs a bit thicker, those skinny legs looked very strange.

I hope you´ll enjoy them

Polygon Counts:
Striped 50s Dress:

Rollneck Outfit:

Additional Credits:
The custom hair (long curls) are by Dr Pixel.