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SweetDreams Nursery Set

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Uploaded: 24th Dec 2008 at 8:17 PM
Updated: 8th May 2009 at 12:57 PM by Echo
****update 3.3.09***** it’s been reported that the rug did a strange disappearing act when moving back from the rug it would fade away. I had a friend test this for me and I was able to fix the issue. Do not worry if you downloaded this set originally, this issue will not cause any problems for your game at all. If the fading away is a problem I have included a download below of just the rug mesh that I have fixed.

I have also added a non expansion pack required download, so for anyone who does not have nightlife can download "sweetdreams-noepsrequired.rar"
but it will be less the rug

Cute new nursery set, comes in 2 colours pinks and blue

set contains:
changer table
Toy Box
Floor Rug
Long Curtins
Side table
relaxing chair
wall shelf with photo frames
fake flowers in flower pot
2 books - floor clutter
Building Blocks - floor clutter - not real toy

all meshes created by me (rosaline_10)
this set is can be recoloured

This set does require Nightlife but that is only for the floor rug mesh. If you have just the base game you can delete the rug mesh once downloaded and this set will be compatible

Polygon Counts:
booksfloor mesh 24
buildingblock mesh 168
curtin mesh 359
endtable mesh 618
floorrug mesh 54
fake flowers mesh 389
relax chair mesh 1692
toybin mesh 1076
wall shelf mesh 232
changer mesh 1392
Crib mesh 2401

Custom Content by Me:
- sweetdreams floor books
- sweetdreams building blocks
- sweetdreams curtins
- sweetdreams end table
- sweetdreams floor rug
- Sweetdreams Fake Flowers in pot
- sweetdreams relax chair
- sweetdreams toybox
- sweetdreams wall shelf
- SweetDreams baby changer
- sweetdreams Crib

Additional Credits: SimPE milkshape 3d