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Separate Jeans for Teens - *4 Different Styles*

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Uploaded: 24th Dec 2008 at 6:55 PM
Updated: 21st Mar 2009 at 8:29 AM
So, here is also something, i alsways wanted to have and now i´ve done it by myself - some nice separate jeans for teen female. it was so annoying, i had nice separate tops, but not much to combine. the basegame pants were okay, but they became boring for me, and some are really not very pretty... And custom pants i do not have many ones, and it were always the same ones. So i´ve made 4 sets of nice jeans, finally. Pretty and useful
You can download them all or every set separately, as you wish
Every jeans mesh has a working fat morph.

Set 1 - Jeans with Heels

This is just a conversion of an adult jeans, which came with the H&M EP. Comes in 3 different styles.

Set 2 - Jeans with Sneakers

This is also a conversion of the other H&M Jeans. Comes with 4 recolours.

Set 3 - Jeans with Boots

Here i was a bit inspired by migamoo and her jeans with boots^^ But i took another jeans and other boots. Comes in 8 styles.

Set 4 - Jeans with Ankleboots

I am not a big fan of this style by myself, ´cause nearly every girl in my city dresses like this^^ But generally i think it´s quite nice, and great for some of my sims Here i was a bit inspired by Sentate. Comes in 7 styles.

As you can see, i pictured the jeans with both maxis and custom tops, and they work with nearly every top i have in my game. So i hope you have a bit more combining possibilities now

I hope you´ll like them as much as i do.

Merry Christmas everyone

Polygon Counts:
Jeans with Heels: 850
Jeans with Sneakers: 804
Jeans with Boots: 810
Jeans with Ankleboots: 848

Additional Credits:
The tops in the pics are by CatOfEvilGenius, tamo, migamoo, maxisdreams, maxis and by me.

The hair is by SimModa, maxisdreams, Melodie9, Quinctia, Ninika, Vetty, some creators of Insimenator, the Sims Store, Maxis and by me.