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Mauritania Expansion Set - windows and doors

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leefish passed away in August 2021. Her love for the community, and her work as a staff member here at MTS, shall not be forgotten
Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 5th Jan 2009 at 3:29 PM
Updated: 25th Nov 2013 at 9:39 AM - Revamp pics and post as was rather poor pics
Whilst working on another project I was looking closely at all the base game doors, and I decided that the base game Mauritania door was actually a really nice door, but I never used it. I wondered why and realised that it was because there were no windows to match. So I decided to make a set of windows - which grew into windows and doors - and here it is - the Mauritania Expansion Set

The set is 5 doors and 9 windows and 1 recolour, all repository linked to the Mauritania door, so you have lots of recolours out there! If you would like to use these windows in a street set up in AL, then try my Apartment Door Model Changer to use a Mauritania single door instead of the standard AL door.

This is sort of three sets in one, here are the doors and windows of the kitchen group (the shorter version) shown with the original door; I used my clear glass recolour and I think they look really different and quite modern

and here is the single transom version with the tall windows. This is much more elegant and thanks to Buggybooz for the planterset and patio chairs which I love to pieces and really make this shot work

and finally - the big double transom door - I made no window for this; rather, I made it to match the height of the beautiful base game craftsman windows; here it is, looking grand and courthousely

Amythestfenix has included these windows and doors in her recolour of the Manor House Kitchen , you can find it here

Doors: all doors have a diagonal version

Mauritania door on 2 tiles
Double Mauritania Door
Mauritania door with Transom Glass
Mauritania door with Transom on 2 tiles
Double Mauritania door with Transom Glass

Windows all windows have a diagonal version EXCEPT the big staircase window;

Staircase window
Small plain window
Small cross brace window
Small cross brace window on 2 tiles
Double small plain window
Tall cross brace window (matches single transom door)
Tall cross brace window on 2 tiles
High privacy window
Standard Privacy window

Because the windows are linked to the door, then all recolours of the Mauritania door that you may have in your DL folder are now available for these windows. I added a special recolour where the glass is transparent and so if you do not like stained glass, then a plain version is available. I personally like this one the best (headdesk - could have saved weeks of effort )

Because these are custom windows, I took a couple of screenshots of the windows in a house setting and with some base game curtains. The small windows will sit above a counter top - the tall windows will cut in a bit but they were made to be extra handsome windows and so not used in a kitchen. The staircase window sits just a little higher than a stage or foundation block, so will look good in game with branched staircase.

Prices - windows start at 110 simoleons, going up to 300, doors between 287 and 590 (but that one is one hell of a door)

There are 3 files for download - the doors, the windows and the recolour - if you want the option of clear glass in the windows and doors download the recolour as well

Leesester News

This will be my last upload for a while because I have a new job and I have a lot to learn, so I will not be creating for the next month at least. I know I have a couple of requests, and I will work on those, but not in a speedy way, I hope you will understand. I will still log in, so keep those comments coming, but I have less time for creation right now.

EDIT: That was January 2009; now I have had this job for six months - it is great fun, but indeed I create less than I used to. I will start with Sims3 once all the tech types have the new tools ready. And I see they missed this set this time TOO. Tsk.

Polygon Counts:
ItemSubsetsPolygon Count
Mauritania door on 2 tiles2608
Double Mauritania Door21172
Mauritania door with Transom Glass21484
Mauritania door with Transom Glass on 2 tiles21184
Double Mauritania door with Transom Glass21184
Staircase window21190
Small plain window2704
Small cross brace window2880
Small cross brace window on 2 tiles2880
Double small plain window21044
Tall cross brace window (matches single transom door)2816
Tall cross brace window on 2 tiles2816
High privacy window2728
Standard Privacy window2728

Additional Credits:
Maylin for convincing me the original window I cloned was borked (Tip - do not clone well wisher window)
PenChris for giving me a builders standpoint on how the windows should be sized

All the tutorial writers at MTS2, especially Numenor and Ignorant Bliss, the guys in the Creator Feedback Forum and in#create, MTS2 for letting me upload this and SimPE and the CEP for making it all possible