Maxis Matching - Anthony Roc Skate Rack

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Uploaded: 8th Jan 2009 at 4:30 PM
Updated: 27th Jan 2011 at 3:20 PM - UPDATE - Smaller File Size
UPDATE - Jan, 27th, 2011:
Wow, I have been meaning to do this for ever. The original file size for this was gigantic. I've reduced the size (thank you, BoilingOil, for reminding me). I don't have TS2 installed anymore, nor do I even have the disks where I am, so I haven't been able to test this. If anyone downloads the updated version, please post whether or not it works. I'm leaving the original file as well, just in case.

This is a new mesh made to match the Anthony Roc Coat Hanger from the Teen Style Stuff Pack.

It is cloned from the Anthony Roc Coat Hanger. The skateboard subset is linked to the Maxis textures from the Teen Style Stuff Pack, and so requires that stuff pack to work. To recolor the skateboard part, simply create a recolor for the Maxis Anthony Roc Coat Hanger. The skates use their own texture, and can be recolored normally.

This item will appear in the catalog under function>decorative>wall hangings, with a price of 104 Simoleons.

Terms of Use:
Because this borrows textures from a Maxis object, recolor that Maxis object to your heart's content. Recolors for the skates subset can be uploaded only to MTS2, or any other free for download site, with credit. Feel free to use this mesh in any lot uploaded to MTS2, or any other free for download site, with credit where possible. Please do not clone or modify without consent from me.

Yes, the poly count is high. Sorry. I've retooled the snot out of it to reduce it to this. The item is simply complex, though most of it is based on Maxis meshes.

Polygon Counts:
This mesh is listed in SimPE as containing the following:

sculpturewallcoathangersurfer_shadows_alpha (FaceCount=16, VertexCount=18)
southwallshadow (FaceCount=2, VertexCount=4)
eastwallshadow(FaceCount=2, VertexCount=4)
westwallshadow(FaceCount=2, VertexCount=4)

skateboard (FaceCount=508, VertexCount=512) - Same as subset in the maxis item
clothing (FaceCount=2338, VertexCount=2149)

Additional Credits:
This object was made using SimPe. The mesh was altered in 3DS Max 9. UV mapping was also done in 3DS Max. UVMapper was used to prepare obj files for SimPe. Thanks the creators of those tools/programs, and thanks to all the creators who are kind enough to post tutorials, especially IgnorantBliss for the tutorial on linking to Maxis textures ( tutorial ).