Historic Montauk Point Lighthouse of New York - No CC

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UPDATE: May 18th, 2009 - Corrupted files remedied.

A Brief History of Montauk Lighthouse:

Montauk Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in New York State and the fourth oldest active lighthouse in the United States. In 1792 the lighthouse was authorized for building by the Second Congress under President George Washington. Construction began on June 7th of 1796 and was completed on November 5th of the same year. The actual lighthouse is constructed from sandstone blocks from Connecticut and measures 110 feet, 6 inches tall. Eventhough this lighthouse is aged it still serves activly as a navigation aid to ships and other sea-fairing vessels. It is currently under the ownership of the "Montauk Historical Society" and they maintain the buildings as well as host a museum and gift shop on the premesis (not included with this upload). You can even get married there!

*If you're interested in learning more about this historic lighthouse check out the homepage for Montauk Lighthouse by clicking HERE.

Now that you have a bit of the background of Montauk Lighthouse, I will go into detail about my sims version (of which I have taken some creative liberties). The lighthouse and attached home is connected to the street/sidewalk via a slightly arched stone bridge and stairs. I used modular stairs for ease of travel. There are two living levels in the main house which is attached to the lighthouse via the kitchen and the tower is 7 stories high. I have also included a greenhouse attached to the living room w/an exterior door leading to the back/rear of the lot. The greenhouse comes equipped with a compost bin, heating lamp, shrubs, a sprinkler and garden plots. The tower part of the lighthouse is useable and has spiral stairs connecting all of the levels. There are even wall phones on every-other level. There is also a door leading to the back yard from the kitchen. Sim visitors won't knock on this door, though, because I blocked the backyard from the front door with shrubs. I left enough space on each landing of the lighthouse (except for level 2) for you to put decorative items or anything else you so choose. The lot is fully furnished and ready for your lighthouse keeper to move right in!

Level One:
Living Room:
- fireplace
- bookshelf
- chess table w/chairs
- two arm chairs, a rug and lamp infront of fireplace
- artists easel
- decorative items
- wall phone
- counters
- refrigerator
- range
- fire alarm
- wall phone
- sink
- island/bar seating as the dining area
- decorative items

Level Two:
Landing/Sitting Area:
- lounge chair
- end table
- wall phone
- decorative items
- inexpensive bed
- dresser
- end table
- decorative items
Bathroom: - toilet
- claw-foot tub
- sink
- wall mirror

-All rooms come equipped with adequate lighting, including the interior levels of the lighthouse.
-Each level of the lighthouse tower is identical (location of stairs vary).
-There are no burglar alarms (sorry, I always forget to include those).
-There is plenty of water to make it appear as though the home is in the middle of the water, but I made sure to leave each edge of the lot level so it will not destroy your neighbourhood terrain. If you want more water/bigger lot, use mootilda's "Lot Adjuster" which you can get HERE.
-There is a deck around the observatory level and for some reason in the pics it looks like there isn't flooring. I can assure you there is.

-I have checked this lot with the S2PCI and it's clean. It did pick up a terrain paint I accidently used, but undid. Not sure why it still came up when I scanned it, but if you have any issues as a result please PM/E-Mail me. I checked the lot and it seems fine for uploading/no flashing blue.
-I have playtested this lot and caution should be used when using the fireplace. One of my chairs caught fire and a smoke alarm is not installed in the livingroom.
-The actual lighthouse has a few outbuildings, but to save money for your sim I chose to ommit them.

Happy Simming! - Don't forget to hit "Thanks"! :D

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 77,627