2 Brown (less red) Recolors of Curly Adult Male Hair - Binned

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Uploaded 4th Feb 2009 at 9:00 PM · Updated 28th Apr 2009 at 8:24 PM by suceress

Uploaded by request:
Mansion & Garden Stuff came with a decent mesh and texture for curly hair. Unfortunately their "brown" looked red to me. I got annoyed and adjusted the color / contrast / saturation etc until I got something I liked. I made two different versions and binned them for convenience. I wasn't actually going to upload it until someone asked me to. So here they are. They are very similar in color, but they were different enough for me to notice.

This is NOT a default replacement. Just a couple extra options if you don't like the Maxis version.

su_AMbrnM&GScurly1 First recolor. Less red than the Maxis version.
su_AMbrnM&GScurly2 Second recolor. Darker and even less red.

Huge Thanks to Fanseelamb for helping me find the Mansion and Garden Hair Fix by Atreya that made the various ages for the hair export all at once

The Sim model is Josh Groban by naberyll. (Instead of the Alabaster skin that naberyll used, I changed it to Pixie Light by Enayla).