Update! Neo Angelique Project: Jade

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Uploaded: 22nd Feb 2009 at 12:07 AM
Updated: 24th Mar 2009 at 7:43 PM
Hello, again!

As I mentioned earier, I am addicted Neo Angelique.
I explained what Neo Angelique is on my Rayne thread.

Anyway I give link to Wiki for people who don't know it.

Neo Angelique

I made other Aube hunter.
He is Jade.
He is an artifact, Jasper Doll. Not a human.
But he has emotion, feelings...just like a human ^^
Angelique and other character didn't know that he was an artifact untill middle of story.

He is 20 years.
He loves cooking. Especially Sweets.


His hair is greenish blond. I made recolor of Sizz's Pungback

You need download hair MESH


Faces:3269 Vertices:2716

He is a machine. Looks like he is covering all joint parts with golden plates,bandage and gauntlet.
He doesn't wear any accesary but his outfit itself is really gorgeous!
He is tall and tough. I made his upper arms little bigger.


He has artificial eyes. I made amber eyes.

I hope you like it.

Small update. I made MESH file smaller.

Custom Content Included:

- Eye liner by Barcelonista

Custom content below are not Included.
You need Download thease.

SimCribbling~ Self-MakeUp #7 Skintones

Middium Yes he has darker skin!

Custom Content by Me:
- Jade
- Blow_Blond2_Tomoko
- Eye_Jasperdoll_1_SilverWind
- Invisibleblow_Tomoko
- SizzHair_Recolor_Green_SilverWind
- Jade_Armor_SilverWind
- MESH_Jade Armor

Custom Content Included:
- Eyeliner by Barcelonista

Additional Credits:
Sizz thank you for this hair MESH! This is perfect for him!
Ren thank you for beautiful skin!
Justsims2 Thank you for beatiful eyeliner!

SimPE, Milkeshape

Thanks! Tutorial on MTS2