[H]ouse M.D. - Olivia Wilde as Thirteen

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Thirteen is one of many doctors temporarily hired by House with the intention of gradually screening them out. She is called Thirteen because all the candidates were originally given numbers, however in the episode "Mirror Mirror" it was suggested that her full name was Remy Hadley.

In the episode 97 Seconds, she got distracted and failed to give the patient his pills, resulting in both his death and the death of his service dog, who ate the pills off the floor. House fired the rest of her team, but kept her, arguing that she would never make such a mistake again.

One of the things which originally made Thirteen "interesting" to House was the sheer lack of information she gives out about herself, so he began trying to find out as much as possible. In "You Don't Want to Know," he figured out that she is the only one on the team who drinks decaf coffee and replaced all her coffee with regular. Thirteen over-reacted to her resulting clumsiness, and House found out from her that her mother died of Huntington's chorea, a hereditary disease with the early symptom of physical clumsiness.

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Although I was really annoyed when Cameron, Foreman and Chase left to make place for the new guys,
and the show never was same for me after that, I understand why it had to be done, and the new team even grew on me. A little.

I'm not a huge fan of Thirteen (I liked Cameron better!!),
but she seems to be evolving into an interesting character. I hope you'll enjoy having her in your game

Clothes by Maxis, hair by Helga can be found here.

Custom Content by Me:
- Thirteen

Custom Content Included:
- Brows by helaene
- Eyes by Shady
- Sclera by Anva
- Eyelashes by Ga-Laxy|Ephemera|TK
- Lipstick by dragonmandy
- Nose blush by Pooklet
- Layerable Mouth Corner by D.Eclipse
- Teeth, Eyebags, Lashes by Rensim
- Nose Button by Rensim
- Nose Sides by Rensim
- Eyebags 2 by Rensim
- Eyebags 1 by Rensim
- Nose Bulb 2 by Rensim
- Blush by @stefan
- Hollow of the Cheek by AtomicSpaceKitty
- Shadow by sironasims
- Skintone by Ga-Laxy|Ephemera|TK

Additional Credits:
Thank you all great creators and MTS2. Also thanks to MidWinterTears for suggesting me to Sim Thirteen