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155 Chesnut St. - City Townhouse

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Uploaded: 2nd Mar 2009 at 6:09 AM
Updated: 13th Sep 2009 at 3:36 AM

Hello, I have been a member here for a long time and have decided to finally start sharing my stuff! I went through a period of uploading my content to TSR for a while, but I was still an amateur and was dissatisfied with the quality of my uploads. I've improved greatly since then, and feel some of my houses are just too good not to share with others! So, I bring to you 155 Chesnut St. (Yes, I found out after the fact that I'm missing a T in the nut's name!) The lot includes no custom content or hacks, and is fully furnished and decorated, inside and out, using just the Maxis content that came with TS2 + Nightlife (quite an achievement in my opinion!). It's priced high at 89,067 but I'm sure you can shave off a couple thousand by getting rid of the furniture and decorations.

The Lot

The house is a townhouse with a lot of curb appeal. It has a colonial exterior with brick on the bottom, and white siding on the upper floors. It also has a Victorian design, with its two protruding angled rooms on either side of the double entrance doors. The house is very symmetrically designed, inside and out. It's on a full story of raised foundation that I'm sure a more talented Simmer can turn into a basement. There is a good amount of landscaping done. With the exception of the flowers on the foundation, all of the flowers and shrubs are accessible. There is a nice little deck off the kitchen that leads down to a small grassy area. On the cement patio there is a hot tub. The whole house is great for entertaining. On the first floor is the large, open living area which is connected to the kitchen area, where the dining area is. The second floor has 2 good sized bedrooms, with a guest bathroom and master bathroom. The house is fully furnished. I did the best I could with what Maxis offered, which should be kept in mind! I think I did pretty well considering. I tried to stray from my strictly traditional preferences in furniture and decorations when making this house, so as not to lower the quality by narrowing the potential. The floors are all hardwood, with stone in the kitchen, and tile in the bathrooms. The walls are colorful and different in all rooms, with the main color being a teal / blue. There is a brick wall in the kitchen, as to give the house an authentic colonial quality.


There are 2 things that bug me a little about the house, and I'm sure will bug some of you. The first is the flowers on the foundation. They're great for decoration but of course, they can't be watered. So you'll have to replace them frequently, or replace them permanently with plastic flowers which you can download here at TS2 Creations. The second thing is that the master bathroom is located in one of the turret rooms, which is due to my poor planning and refusal to change the big windows to privacy windows because it would ruin the exterior beauty of the house. The plumbing and everything is still perfectly functional, but the idea of giant windows in a bathroom is a tad unrealistic. And for some reason, I was so excited about how well the house turned out, I forgot to cover those giant windows in the bathroom with curtains! Silly, I know. I'm sure you'll just add curtains yourself if it bothers you.

In Conclusion

Okay, so I think I've summed everything up pretty well! I really hope you like the house, and I'd greatly appreciate feedback and comments! I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot more from me in the future.


Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 89067