Neo Angelique Project: Angelique

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Hello, again!

Neo Angelique projects No.4!

At first I give link to Wiki for people who don't know Neo Angelique.

Neo Angelique

Finally, she is the heroine of Neo Angelique!
She is a Queen's Egg.
Her abbilty is purifying Tanatos, the mosters.
Queesn's Egg eventually becames a Queen. The Queen goes to sky and keep her world in peace.
In the sky, she should be alone.
But in the game and Anime, she can refuse to become queen then choose loved one and live together.
This is called Love Ending.
Becomeing Queen is easy but to see Love Ending, player must work very hard.

She is 16 years old.
She has been studying to become a doctor.
But Nyx asked her to join his organization.


Faces: 3090 Vertices: 2820

Child - Adult. Except Teen, all ages have ribbons on the hair.
I took away ribbons from Teen hair because I didn't want Angelique is wearing purple ribbons everyday.


Faces: 3081 Vertices: 2683

GothLoli style dress. Dress and Choker and ribbons on hair is in one MESH file.


Faces:280 Vertices: 230

She is wearing locket pendant. This is important item in Anime.

Eyeliner and lashes

I made anime style eyeliner for her.

Custom content below are not Included.
You need Download thease.

SimCribbling~ Self-MakeUp #7 Skintones


Custom contnt include

Lip color by Barcelonista

Custom Content by Me:
- Angelique
- BeautyBrow02_SilverWind
- DollEyes_Green_SilverWind
- Eyeliner_Anime02_SilverWind
- Blush_Pink_SilverWind
- Pendant_Angelique_SilverWind
- Hair_Angelique
- MESH Hair Angelique
- Angelique_Gothdress_SilverWind
- MESH Angelique Gothdress

Custom Content Included:
- ByBarcelonista by Barcelonista

Additional Credits:
Ren thank you for beautiful skin!

SimPE, Milkeshape

Thanks! Tutorial on MTS2