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McAlli Blue Marble Manorhouse washroom

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Uploaded: 15th Mar 2009 at 4:22 PM
Updated: 4th Jul 2009 at 11:24 PM
This is a recolor of phoenix pharies's ManorHouse Collection washroom recolored pink, white, and blue marble. The marble was hand drawn by me in my paint program. Even the handles of the tub and sink are blue marble.

This texture was hand drawn by me and cannot be used in other objects unless credited to me.

Included in this set are:
bath tub
toothbrush holder
bath bench
medicine cabinet
The floor is in my manorhousekitchen counters and floors Here

In order for my recolors to show you must download the manorhouse wash room part 1 and part 2 by clicking on Manorhouse bath part1 and Manorhouse washroom part II
For more of my work, go to McAlli's Creations

Please remember to hit the thanks button if you download. And as always, I love reading your comments so feel free to leave one!