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3 small 1x Businesses No CC! Pet Store, Deli & Car Lot

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Uploaded: 20th Mar 2009 at 2:59 AM
All lots are thoroughly playtested. I build my lots for playability and for slower systems. I try to give all my lots fun, basic names and all have simple address book desciptions. I try really hard to make sure the buildings look good from the neighborhood view. A few lots were inspired by some of my favorite hangouts. All lots include bathrooms or bathhouses and I put sinks on lots that might be used in hot weather. My lots are to help everyone play the game the way it was meant to be played, just with smaller lots. Feedback is welcomed.

Cherrybrooke Motors: Please read!
3x1, small neighborhood used car dealership, room for 5 cars. The cars stay packaged with this lot but I know they didn't before BV, So I don't know what will happen if you install this lot without BV!! I used boolprop snapobjectstogrid false cheat to place the cars. If you wish to move the cars, you will have to use the cheat to place them down. $35,643
Pet's Plus:
1x2, small pet store, the Womrat cage doesn't restock right. You can buy pets from here as a community lot without purchasing the lot as a business. $18,247
SunRise Deli:
1x1, small deli with 5 shelves for plenty of room for home-baked goodies. $12,232

Lot Size: 1x2
Lot Price: 12,232

Additional Credits:
aelflaed for the Sunnyside mini lots
Andi8104 and MaryLou for the original mini lots