Decatur County, Indiana TAA001

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Tour Across America

Starting in Decatur County of Indiana, a lot has been spotted bearing agriculture life. The Field and turf of half an acre has been cultivated to expressively function in the way of formulating produce by the quantity.

Upon entering the lot one might notice a pool and other necessities to the west of the grounds, however no one can miss the garden producing fruits and vegetation off to the right of the lot (hint: add garden and produce with Sims 2 Seasons.)

Walking down the long country road approaching the house there can be found a small pond in junction with the home to the left and garden to the right (Seasons Acquired? Go Fish). Fencing on the lot is made of traditional picket, commonly found through out the US.

Entering the house one is welcomed by hardwood floors, a living area to the right and left of entry, a dining area separating the living area from the kitchen found towards the rear of where you stand. Entering the door on your right off the living area will lead you to the Masters suite.

* * *

Off the living area you would then progress down a hallway following a fireplace and a bathroom. The hall leads to bedroom 1 and 2 and the rear exit of the house.

Exiting out to the back yard, as you peer out along the far out stretch acre of the lot while rounding the back of the house on the left side, you'll notice the pool area, along with a swing set, and other skill building necessities, which can be found through out the lot.

We will now leave you to discover other things about your new lot, for the next flight leaving for Greer Arizona would be in about another hour.

Description of the Property Follows:

1) Bedrooms {3}

2) Bathrooms {2}

3) Expansion pack(s) needed {No}

4) Modified Creations Included {No}

5) Floor(s) {1}

6) Alarms Included [F = Fire, B = Burglar] {F|B}

7) Lodging Capacity {6+}

8) Pool {Yes}

9) Spa {No}

10) Phone {Yes}

11) Computer {Yes}

(FULLY FURNISHED Just Download, Introduce your Sims and enjoy.)
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Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price: $152,799
Lot Price Unfurnished: ยง80,113

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Decatur County, Indiana, and the Song (Half Acre by Hem) playing in infinite loop mode. Really sets the mood.