Cute Ruffled Shirts - AF/TF (better Meshes updated)

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Uploaded: 13th Apr 2009 at 5:00 PM
Updated: 31st Oct 2009 at 1:58 PM
Because of the visible seams I wanted to fix the meshes for ages! I did but I didn´t upload them here, don´t know why... I am sorry for it...
So the main reason was to make these looking pretty with untuckable pants etc. and now they do
And I haven´t done new pics, so don´t wonder when you see the seems in the pics
However, here they are -you can download the two "new" meshes in an extra file, just replace the old files in your Downloads folder. If you can see a seam now it´s an issue with the bottom

Many people requested the ruffled shirt from some of my outfits as a separate, so i did finally

I bring you an adult and a teen version, every set includes its mesh and 12 recolours. The teen file is bigger, ´cause these shirts are bumpmapped.
Both have a working fat morph.

Here are some colours:

The other colours you can find in the pics below

The shirts look best with untucked pants/skirts. In the pics you can see them combined with both tucked and untucked bottoms.

So, i hope you´ll like these

Polygon Counts:
both Af and TF: 1280

Additional Credits:
This is part of oepu´s maxisdreams project. Visit the site for more maxis match stuff.

Many thanks to Cat for telling me how to make something really "untuckable"

The bottoms shown in the pics are by Sentate, Amaryll, SimplyStella, HappySim, Hysterical Paroxysm, migamoo, Peanut, @[email protected], threehundred, Wotjek, maxis and by me.

Hair is by Melodie9, Phobia, oepu/maxisdreams, Adele, Leh, maxis and by me.

Glasses are by tamo and stonetower.