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Spring and summer dresses for vintage teens

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Uploaded: 13th Apr 2009 at 5:05 PM
Updated: 13th May 2009 at 4:32 PM - error in files corrected
Spring is here and the weather is warming up. Time to put away the coats, sweaters and heavy socks and get out the sandals and summerwear.

Here are a tailor's dozen of mostly pastel outfits for your vintage teens. The first set look like Easter candy with their pale colors and perky dots. The pattern is the same 1943 McCalls' jumper used for the school clothes (see related pages) but without a shirt underneath. The fabric is a lighter weight also. Harmonizing buttons close the front placket and four different styles of shoes accessorize these dresses.

Set two is again the same jumper pattern but in a variety of prints, including a delightful collage of camping and fishing equipment, just right for the nature-loving sporty girl. All of these outfits are perfect for getting out into the garden, watching birds, hunting bugs, planting tomatoes, whatever activities you enjoy. A variety of buttons accent these jumpers and again, several shoe styles are available. Check out the pic at the bottom of the page to see some of the details.

Set three uses a different 1940s pattern, shown in the first pic. A full skirt is teamed with a short fitted jacket, almost like a weskit with sleeves. (The playsuit is not included today.)The solid color jackets are paired with print skirts abloom with all those blossoms getting ready to burst from the gardens.The buttons adorning these ensembles are much more ornate than those of the first two sets and with their coordinating open-toed pumps, these outfits are much more dressy. Your lassies will enjoy wearing these to church or to parties or even just hanging out at the soda fountain. Not suited for hiking or golf. This set uses a mesh from All About Style which is included.

Set four returns to the Easter egg colors for the jackets while the skirts maintain the floral theme. They are accompanied by flat-heeled slingback sandals so are good for a wider use. Sets 1, 2 and 4 all use a base game mesh.

Additional Credits:
Two of the models' hair comes from
Around the Sims, one from XMSims, two from Melodie9 at this site and three are from sites no longer in existence.

5/13/09 It has been brought to my attention that I neglected to alter the Maxis bump maps for the dresses of set 4 and it made them look really weird. I can't see bump maps on my machine so I overlooked it. That error has been fixed and if you are able to see bump maps please redownload set 4. If you can't see them the only difference is that the new files are smaller. Thanks to Kethwyn for telling me about this.