A Set of 34 Textured Bean Bag Chairs

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Uploaded: 13th Apr 2009 at 5:01 PM
Updated: 14th Apr 2009 at 12:47 AM
Hello all, I took my vinyl bean bags off the site so I can upload them in a set along with my other recolors. So here you go, a set of bean bag chairs that includes 34 new recolors and textures.
Included are:

Vinyl bean bags~ Retro yet modern, you Sim kiddies and teen will love hanging out in these. Weather they're reading a book, talking to friends, or watching TV. Their legs won't stick to the vinyl guaranteed or your money back! (Well not really)

Fuzzy Bags. The original Fuzzy Bean Bag Chairs~ Here at Fuzzy Bag, we don't like it when fuzz gets FLAT. That is the main reason why we engineered this bean bag chair. The fuzzy texture will never flatten due to multiple sittings. We bring comfort and style to your Sim's homes guaranteed.

Designer Bean Bags~ 2 "Designer" bean bags are included. These were originally supposed to be a jean and a silk texture. They got all distorted and made a pretty swirly design. So I included them.

Suede Bean Bags~ Sophisticated. Stylish. Amazing. These bean bags are colored dark and have a suede texture which makes them perfect for even living rooms. Your Sim will sink into the cozy swede texture naked while they have candles burning and are eating luscious chocolate and realize that bean bag chairs CAN be fancy after all!

NOTE: The Fuzzy Bags and the vinyl bean bags have a pictured WHITE bean bag. The WHITE bean bag is NOT included. Also, the black vinyl one tends to pixelate so just be aware that it was my fault. Not your computers. The Fuzzy Bags do have a faded line going through them. That was also my fault for not completing the texture. I also included 5 possible files to download. If you want all the bean bags, download the one that says " A Set of 33 bean bags By Dani." If you want a specific set, just look for the name in the file name. Fuzzy bags, Vinyl, Suede, or designer.

Other than that, I'm really happy how these turned out. I spent HOURS making them then trying to upload them then getting rejected because they're not all in a set. Well now they ARE in a set. Please please PLEASE enjoy these. A 14 year old girl put her heart into making them for all of you. Just a simple "Thanks" and a comment will make me happy.

~Dani ( I posted pictures of the up close textures below. Make sure to check them out!)

Additional Credits:
Buggybooz for the Terrific mesh that I love so very much.